# The Petro.ai Platform

Petro.ai Released May 4th

For new features in Petro.ai 5.0 see Release Notes for Petro.ai 5.0

# What is Petro.ai?

Petro.ai is an application server which allows a company to quickly create responsive websites/apps and use pre-made workflows from our library:

  • Fast analytics processing engine
  • ODBC connections to all your favorite databases
  • Common data model for all the apps

Petro.ai can be described as an analytics delivery engine that is comprised of apps attached to a dynamic layer. This layer pulls from sources available to an operator, typically challenging data types such as completions, drilling, and mashing it with well headers and production.

# Learning Petro.ai

In addition to the documentation, there are many ways to take advantage of the Petro.ai platform.


  • Petro.ai Blog our sounding board for learning about Petro.ai best practices
  • Petro.ai Channel our Youtube channel where you can see recordings of our community events and tutorials on using the platform.
  • Petro.ai Portal try out Spotfire and Power BI templates that leverage the Petro.ai analytics delivery engine.