# Loading LAS files using the LAS Data Source

Once the LAS data source is installed, users will be able to open LAS files directly inside Spotfire.

  1. Go FileOpen.
  2. Browse for your desired *.las file. You may need to select the *.las extension in the Select File dialog in order to see them.
  3. Double-click to open

# Setup LAS OnDemand

Access the LAS OnDemand dialog box by going to Tools > LAS > Load dynamic LAS files:

Item Description
Data table this is the LAS file list data table we just imported.
Filename this will be the full path of the file. In our Excel sheet, we called it Filepath.
Identifier this can be any unique ID. We used Well Name.
Marking this is the marking layer that you used to mark the files.
Result table the LAS OnDemand loader will build your table with this name.
Automatic update use this to toggle automatic updates when the marking changes.