# Overview

With Petro.ai you can:

  • Load data for use across your organization
  • Design workflows using fast flow-together apps
  • Share your projects across your network
  • Connect and engage on tasks and projects company-wide
  • Participate in conversations with your colleagues about specific data and charts
  • Grow inside the platform to become an expert user

# Petro.ai Sign In

Sign in to Petro.ai with Windows Credentials

  1. Sign in at _________
  2. Click Login
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Follow prompts

# 1. Petro.ai Home Page

On the Home Page you’ll see:

  • A central area with a sequence of communications, COMMENTS, from coworkers collaborating on workflows.
  • On the upper left are your favorite Petrons. The Petron is an adaptive space where you and your coworkers can bring together relevant data and relevant apps to produce and capture your work.
  • In the lower left is the click through button to Create a Petron.
  • The left toolbar opens when the hamburger icon is clicked. Here you’ll find:
    • Another click through to Create a Petron
    • Access to your Petron Library
    • Access to your settings for each Petron including Units. Application Settings and System Information are for platform admins.
  • On the top right click your name to see all jobs and tasks that are running or have been completed.
  • The number on the far top right in the blue circle denotes the number of notifications waiting for you.