# Appliances

# Petro 5.2 Client Deployment

Petro 5.2 introduces the concept of Petro Appliances. These appliances add additional functionality to Petro Webserver and are designed to be run as a separate scalable service. In order to ensure that the proper runtime environment exists for these services they are being distributed as Docker images from Petro.ai’s private Docker Repo.

# Petro Proxy Server

This server will be used to route traffic through various appliance servers. In its current configuration it is best to run it as part of a docker-compose service on the same host machine as the Petro Appliance Bokeh Server

# Petro Appliance Bokeh Server

This appliance server is responsible for rendering charts in Petro.ai and is deployed as a single docker container. The entry point for this container is the Petro Appliance Bokeh Server Sidecar. It is responsible for configuring and launching the Bokeh Server.
The current deployment method will be to run both the Petro Proxy Server and the Petro Appliance Bokeh Server as a docker-compose service on the same host machine. *Note: The configuration file for the bokeh server will require the IP or DNS name of the Web Server. There is two way communication between these two machines. If the webserver IP address is used the configuration will need to be updated in the event that the IP address changes.